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The Difference Between a Camera and a Person

Your main character is not a walking cameraThis post might anger some writers (especially MFA’s) but I’m going to put it up there anyway. I’ll begin by asking a question: “Don’t you hate it when you can’t tell the difference between the main character of a story and a walking videocamera?”

I know I do.

Let me clarify: I was reading a literary short story the other day that had been published in a well-known literary journal and was now being included in a “Best of” short story anthology (Best American Short Stories, you might as well know). I got so frustrated I almost threw the book across the room and then (like my dog, Duke, who is a bastard) pee’d on it.

“But Richard, why would you pee on Best American Short Stories? It represents the finest American short fiction being published today!”

As my British friend likes to say, “Piss on that. Wankers.” (more…)

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